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Welcome from the manager...

The main research activity of IAM team is devoted to Macromolecular Engineering leading to the conception of Macromolecular Architectures endowed with original properties and functionalities.

More precisely, the development of polymers with peculiar properties and suitable functions requires investigations on materials at different scales from macromolecular design up to physico-chemistry.

Various strategies of synthesis are studied by using mechanistic and kinetics approaches : radical polymerization (conventional and controlled), ionic and ring-opening polymerizations and polycondensation, carried out in conventional media but also in non-conventional fluids (aqueous systems, supercritical fluids, ionic liquids) to develop clean processes.

Heterochemistry (Fluorine, Phosphorus, and Silicon) applied to polymers is historically one of the recognized expertises of the team.

Finally, development of polymers based on biosourced and renewable synthons completes the activities of our team.

Many macromolecules are developped up to the elaboration of materials including composites by the complementary use and very good know-how of several experimental techniques (rheometry, calorimetry, thermogravimetry, mechanical tests, extruder, compounder…).

The knowledge issued from these studies contributes to innovation in various fields including functional materials, and our team is currently in direct relation with many socio-economical actors (at the regional scale but also in France and worldwide) in areas such as Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development.

Finally, our team has created the Chaire Européenne de Chimie « European Chair for Sustainable Development » (ChemSuD) and it is also an active member of CARNOT Institute « Chemistry Balard ».

IAM Team Leader