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Controlled Polymerizations

This topic deals with mechanisms of polymerization. We are involved in the synthesis of polymers using radical polymerizations (telomerization, dead-end polymerization, copolymerization), controlled radical polymerizations (NMP, ATRP, RAFT/MADIX, ITP/RITP, photo-iniferters) or cationic and anionic ring opening polymerizations.

In all cases, kinetics are investigated and modeling and numerical simulations (PREDICI software) can be achieved. These techniques allow the synthesis of polymers with predetermined molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, and high degree of chain-end functionality. It is notably possible to prepare monofunctional or telechelic polymers, with different kinds of architectures such as gradient, block, graft, for instance, finding applications as surfactants (in aqueous media or supercritical CO2 media), compatibilizers (for composites), thermoplastic elastomers, organogels, coatings, self-healing materials, fuel cell membranes, sensors, self organized copolymers (nanoparticles, drug delivery systems) etc…

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